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Xecutioner Broadheads 100 grain

Xecutioner Broadheads 100 grain 2.5" expandable
-Expandable 2.5" cutting diameter
-Razor Sharp
-Colors Green, Pink or Black
-3 Broadheads 1 Practice Tip
Select Color
Xecutioner Fixed Blade 125 Grain(4) Bleeder Blades

-Fixed Blade 1.5" Cutting Diameter
-Razor Sharp
-.50" Thickness
-125 Grain
-Black in Color
-3 Broadheads
-1 Practice Tip
Xecutioner 100 Grain Expandable Replacement Parts!

TREESTAND 100 grain
Exaggerated entry hole! 1 1/8" dia.

Solid-core “notched” blade stretches, then slices hide for an exaggerated entry hole and better blood trails on down angle shots from treestand.

Reversible blades (sharp on both sides)

Broadheads: $37.95
Replacement Blades: $16.95
DEEP CUT 100 grain
Maximum penetration! 1 1/8" dia.

The most accurate fixed-blade broadhead available. Designed for maximum penetration.

Reversible blades 
(sharp on both sides)

Blades are suspended on either end so they don’t touch the ferrule

Broadheads: $37.95
Replacement Blades: $16.95
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