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PhaZe Body Odor System (6pc. Bundle) - #1 Deer Hunting Scent Control System! Reg. $60  Our Price:  $49.99

PhaZe Out Body Odor
  Encapsulates Odor Molecules
  Hydrates & Conditions
  10yr Shelf Life
  Salon Quality
  #1 Rated System

Product Description

  Introducing the NEW PhaZe Body Odor System! PhaZe utilizes a revolutionary Z-technology formula to encapsulate odor molecules, rendering them undetectable to an animal’s nose. This 3 PhaZe system will completely change the way you hunt! PhaZe-Out your Body Odor in 3 simple steps:

  Phaze 1 Body Treatment: includes body wash, shampoo/conditioner, body lotion and deordorant. PhaZe One works to cleanse your body, condition your skin and control your dander. Z-technology encapsulates odor molecules rendering them useless to an animal's nose. 

  PhaZe 2 Garment Treatment: includes laundry detergent that adds scent capturing Z-Technology to any of your outdoor garments. PhaZe is an environmentally friendly, concentrated formula, suitable for all washing machines (including H.E.) and has no added UV brighteners.

  PhaZe 3 Field Treatment: is your last line of defense. PhaZe Field Foam is a direct-to-skin application that encapsulates odor molecules caused from perspiration. Field Foam gives you more odor encapsulating coverage than field spray applications and will not contaminate your hunting area with atomized chemicals.

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