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Illusion Canada Goose Flute Call

Is your call a "one note wonder"? The illusion Canada Goose flute's revolutionary "flute hole" lets you "break" notes over with the touch of a finger! This gives you the ability to communicate with Canada Geese and create realistic hail calls without losing the versatility to make low-end feeder calls. Now you'll be able to emulate over one dozen known sounds of the Canada Goose.
Free CD-ROM incl.

Reg: $29.99

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Illusion Snow & Blue Goose Call

Thanks to our unique sound hole design, this is the most versatile Snow/Blue Goose call you can buy! Easily mimic all of the sounds of Snow and Blue Geese thanks to our unique sound hole design. By simply covering or uncovering the sound hole with your fingertip, you'll be able to generate the wide variety of sounds necessary to sound like a flock. This "flock effect" is crucial to being able to call in Snows and Blues.
Free CD-ROM incl.

Price: $29.99

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Illusion Specklebelly Goose Call

Why do Speckle Belly hunters rave about this call? Pure Sound - This call is designed to create the agressive, clear, pure piercing sound of the "speck". Free Floating Reed Design - Thanks to Illusion's "free floating" reed design, you'll be able to easily master the distinctive call of the "speck".
Free CD-ROM incl.

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Xtreme Ducks 'Honking Dead' Short Reed Black Swirl Poly Barrel Canada Goose Call with Xtreme Band and Black Insert

Xtreme Ducks creates all our Canada Goose Calls with only the finest poly to ensure an outstanding product that will last a lifetime. Each call is made of a barrel, poly insert reed, and a band.

Laser etched and hand painted "Honking Dead"

Barrel : Made from the finest Polyurethane.

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