GearRuk, a universal harness which carries your gear comfortably, right in front of you.

•Easy access to your gun, camera, first aid kit, utility cases, bear spray, scopes and more.

•Comfortable straps fully adjust to fit all shapes and sizes.

•Perfect for skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross, rock climbing, hunting, hiking, equestrian and other action sports. Pilots, skiers and more.

•Fits comfortably under bulky clothing, versatile, lightweight, simple to use.

Sometimes, you don't have time to fumble around looking for your gear - you need your hands free and your gear accessible.

Just - $49.95

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GearRuk Holster – large, medium & short


For use anytime when you need quick and easy access to your firearm, whether hiking in the woods, walking up a mountain, or running through unchartered territory.

Made of CoraDura, this gun holster is easy to use and easy to attach. It can fit both the GearRuk harness or your belt. Works as either a hip holster or fits on the GearRuk harness.

It sits diagonally across the chest for easy-access, and has a pouch for up to 12 extra bullets.

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