Illusion MiniMag Mallard Duck Calling System

The Mini-Mag is the world's smallest duck call! The Mini-Mag Mallard Call is small for a reason. Its compact design locates air pressure closer to the special "free-floating" double reed which gives you: 

1.) Superior call control ( you can do more) 
2.) The raspy low end sound of a double reed call PLUS the piercing high hawl of a single reed call ( no other single call can do this!) 
3.) Extreme ease of use ( you have to blow it to believe it!)  
Free CD-ROM incl.

Price: $29.99

Double Reed            1d                2d         3d                 4d                       5d
XtremeDucks "The Cackler" Blue Wing Teal Call - double reed

Price: $29.99
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