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The Cascade Package
$175.00   Sale Price: 144.99

This package comes with everything you need to get fishing.  

The Cascade rod: The Cascade is our smallest Tenkara Rod. It's great for those tight spots where casting is difficult and makes catching even the smallest fish fun. This would also be a great rod for your little guy/girl to learn on. Our tenkara rods are ultra light weight and the swivel tips included on our tenkara rods also help keep your line from getting tangled. This rod is finished with a custom colorful design that won't disappoint.  

Specs: 8ft long Closed Size: 18 inches Segments: 7 Grip Length: 7.75 inches Weight 2.1oz

Our line: Tenkara Rod Co. Lines are hand-crafted with single strand construction and a 3mm nickel alloy tippet ring. They are non-tapered, yet turn flies far better than any mono lines on the market. They are available in 10.5' and 13' lengths.

A line spool: A must have! Great for quickly winding your line when getting to that next great spot is important. These spools are designed for tenkara rods and are just big enough to make winding your line simple and quick. The notches on the spool make it easy to attach flies and the foam core helps dry your line if necessary. It also floats!

3 hand tied flies: One of each of our 3 favorite flies.
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