Quick Change Box Call (ONE Side design)

The Quick Change™ Box Call is the most revolutionary turkey call on the market. Change paddles in an instant for any combination of tone or pitch you want. 
This ONE sided Quick Change™calling System includes: 

- 1 Paddle (Purple Heart) 
- 1 Paddle (Brazilian Cherry) 
- 1 Box (Walnut) 
- DVD (In depth instructions on call function, Communication Techniques, and Call Care. 

The design of this call was aided by the acoustical engineering team at McPhearson guitars. Illusion worked with their top experts for two years trying to perfect the box call design as we knew it. The final product is now complete, and Illusion is proud to bring hunters one of the highest performing box ever made, "The Quick Change™." 

This call is one of the most realistic sounding calls ever released to the turkey call industry. With the Paddletek™ system, you will be able to produce the sounds of multiple turkeys with one call! Due to the limited quantity of calls that can be produced this season, the only way Illusion can ensure you of having a Quick Change™ box call this year is if you order now. 
*This is the ONE sided design! The Quick Change™
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